Friday, July 13, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites #191

1. Consider This- 

I was recently talking to a friend and said, "The world is a beautiful and terrible place."

And then I remembered that Fredrick Buechner said pretty much the same thing much better than me. 

2. New Music (Videos)-

3. This Royal Tenenbaums Poster Reimagined- 


4. June's Playlist-

5. Now More Than Ever-

You're never going to regret being too kind. 


More Links to Love-

-I have totally thrifted swimsuits before! Also, how awesome is Hannah for posing in her swimsuit on her blog? What an absolute babe! 
-These lawn dominos look like a TON of fun! 
-I love this whale tape dispenser! You can ALWAYS make office supplies more interesting! 
-These Gap overalls are an absolute dream! I may have to wait for a sale and pick up a pair! 
-This sweatshirt & this sweatshirt are both on sale! 

Happy Friday, Friends!

Wednesday, July 11, 2018

July First Friday & Women Who Art Wednesday

On Friday evening, Rick and I headed on down to Margies Java Joint for an all-women art show put on by Women Who Art Wednesday. Our good friends Lydia and Alayaa both had booths where they sold some of their fabulous wares. 

It was one of those evenings where you head out of the house expecting to be out for 15 minutes only to head home immediately, but end up spending three hours looking at awesome art, eating tasty ice cream, and chatting with friends who happened to be at the right place at the right time. In truth, I needed this evening to remind me that I don't just live in a city that I feed into. I live in a beautiful city that, a great deal of the time, feeds into me. Boy, am I thankful for Greeley! 

We headed home right around sunset and the light was just so cool! We couldn't resist taking some outfit pictures for good measure! 

I didn't take more pictures of the art because I want to encourage you to head down to the coffee shop and see it for yourself! Please also check out Women Who Art Wednesday for all your female-led art needs! It looks like a worthy project and I can't wait to see what they do with it! 

A favorite piece by Lydia Cruz

Monday, July 9, 2018

The Carnival Arrives Without Warning.....

“The circus arrives without warning. No announcements precede it. It is simply there when yesterday it was not. Within the black-and-white striped canvas tents is an utterly unique experience full of breathtaking amazements. It is called Le Cirque des Rêves, and it is only open at night.”
I have always loved carnivals. When I was a kid, there was a carnival that would come to a town near my hometown every Memorial Day. We would usually go out to dinner at our favorite Chinese restaurant and then head on down to the fairgrounds to ride the rides and see the sights. Some of my favorite beginning-of-summer memories occurred at the carnival.  
Every summer the Greeley Stampede comes to Greeley and brings the carnival along with it! We don't usually go (as it's expensive and really hot), but this year I had it in my mind to ride the Ferris Wheel as part of my summer bucket list, so Rick conceded to take me down to the fairgrounds, as long as we went in the evening. 
It was a beautiful night and we had the pure luck of getting a sunset ride on the Ferris Wheel! We walked around, checked out the art show, watched a few bands on the free stages, and shared a hot and delicious funnel cake before heading home! I don't know if we'll make it a yearly tradition, but it was so nice to go this year! 

Friday, July 6, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorite #190

1. Novelty, Nerdy Key Chains-

I love that people would really need to look at these key chains to see what they are and what they're based on! 



2. You are Umasou by Tatsuya Minyanishi-

My husband introduced me to this heartwarming and entertaining film (and Japanese book series?) earlier this week and I was hooked. I definitely cried at several points during the film! You can watch it in it's entirety on Youtube. It is family and kid friendly! I HIGHLY recommend it! 

3. New Music (Videos)-

4. Consider This-

5. These Boiler Suit Coveralls-

I may have to pick up a pair of these before fall hits! I think the color will be a dream when the air gets crisp and the leaves start to turn! 


More Links to Love-

-What Gilmore Girls character are you? I was, not surprisingly, got Rory Gilmore. Who are you? 
-Trump isn't ready for a girl from the Bronx. 
-I love these overalls and I REALLY love that you get them all the way up to size 4x! 
-DIY Modge Podge water bottles!
-Look at these gargoyle gutter spout caps! Wouldn't these be magical? 
-Do it yourself crossover tie! I want one of these in a million patterns! 
-How to attract bats to your yard and why you want them there! 

Happy Friday, Friends!

Friday, June 29, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites #189

1. Consider This-


2. Behind You by Brian Coldrick- 

I've loved Brian Coldrick's animations for years & now he has released a book of his scary one-shots. An introduction by Joe Hill is a total bonus! I picked up my copy from my local library! Check it out as soon as you can! 


3. New Music (Videos)-

4. Brain Cacti-

I haven't seen any of these guys in stores, but you can bet that if I find one, I'm gonna buy it!

5. What Would Endora Do? 

I love this SO much! #endoraforever



If you need a sign for an upcoming march or for your front window,  the amazing Phoebe Wahl has this one up for free download on her page! She is brilliant and has such a kind heart. Check out her fabulous Instagram here

More Links to Love-

-This was so beautiful & entertaining! Paul McCartney is a true gem! 
-It's Joe from Sanitation!
-Bat house plans
- I love this 16th-century castle-topped ring! It might not be super comfortable 
-I need to make these horchata popsicles for my horchata-loving husband! 
-I love this A-Frame playhouse. Can I build one of these in my backyard even though I don't have kids? That's okay, right?? 
-These bee jars are so amazing! 

Happy Friday, friends!
When you have more than you need, build a longer table, not a higher fence

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

Summer Bucket List 2018

1. Go on as Many Walks a Possible - 

I have realized that my mood is dramatically improved by spending time in nature. No duh, right? I grew up in a small town and spent most of my childhood summers playing outside, fishing, walking, and swimming. For so many years of living in Greeley I didn't explore the natural spaces around me. No more, friends! A couple of years ago I began walking the trails in and around Greeley and I haven't looked back. 

No matter where you live, find the green spaces. 

Trust me. 

2. Go to a Few Outdoor Concerts -

I love outdoor music. It's one of my favorite things about summer time and the fact that most of the outdoor music events in my town are free is just the cherry on top! Even if it's not my favorite style of music, being outdoors makes any concert worthwhile.

I hope to make it to many of these dates as I can! 


3. Eat All the Watermelon- 

This is my goal every year and I try my hardest to eat enough watermelon to make up for all the winter months when you can't buy any. 

That is my burden & I'll carry it gracefully. 


4. Catch as Many Colorado Sunsets as Possible -

I've been doing a pretty good job of this already this summer. 

5. Visit a Waterpark & Go Swimming as Much as Possible -

I have always loved water & swimming and summertime is my time to shine when it comes to aqatics! I've never been to WaterWorld, so I think this might be the summer! You'll also find me out at Windsor Lake whenever I have a chance! 

6. Go on a Road Trip -

I'm taking two classes this summer and starting a new job, so my free time to travel is pretty limited. That said, I'd love to take a short roadtrip, even if it's just for the day. Maybe we can go to Mount Rushmore? Maybe hit up Two Rivers Winery & Chateau & the Colorado National Monument for a long weekend? Maybe we'll just go back to MeowWolf (oh please, oh please)! I don't know what we'll do, but I'm sure it will be fun! 


7. Garage Sale Shop Every Weekend - 

8. Go to the Drive-Inn -

The town over from ours has a fabulous double-feature vintage drive-inn & I haven't been in years! I would love to go this summer if the right movies come through! 

9. Go to a Carnival (Completed) -

When I was a kid, the city of Craig hosted a Memorial Day carnival and it was always felt like the start of summer. While Greeley boasts the Greeley Stampede, it's never quite felt the same. I hope to find a small town carnival somewhere in Northern Colorado to me this summer wish come true! 

10. Go Paddle Boating (Completed) 

We accomplished this in early June and I couldn't be happier! I've wanted to go paddle boating at our local swim beach for the last five years and Rick and I finally made it happen a few Sundays ago. We still have a token to our local paddleboat place, so we're planning on going again soon! 

Monday, June 25, 2018

Motivational Monday: Holding Things With an Open Hand

Anyone who knows me knows that I don't handle change well. Unfortunately, my life is filled with nothing but change right now.  That said, I try to maintain control over everything, even as things are constantly in flux. Famous last words, right? 

But you can't control the weather, can you? 

On Tuesday morning Rick and I were standing in our garden talking about how proud we were of how great it looked. We've lived in our house for five years today and it seemed like we'd finally gotten a handle on what we need to do to keep our plants and yard happy. We finally installed a drip system for our container garden and all our plants were thriving. We put up cafe lights & planted flowers in our window boxes. We thrifted some great red chair cushions last summer and I had just purchased some awesome dessert pillows for our other chairs. In short, our backyard was a magical fairyland & it was always going to be that way. Then a summer storm rolled in

While we were home for lunch it started raining and within minutes pea sized to golf ball sized hail pounded my garden to bits. Thankfully we had enough time to move our car into the garage. Many in Greeley were not so lucky. I attempted to cover my plants, but it all happened too quickly. I was able to save my tomato, horseradish, and a pepper plant. Everything else was demolished. The hail busted all but seven of our cafe lights. It ripped through our chimenea cover and chair cushions. It cracked plastic pots. The hail even destroyed my sister-in-law's plants which were waiting in our backyard until they could move into their new place. This storm rolled in very quickly and caused problems all over Greeley (The gal in this video lives just up the road from my house). 

I'm a little embarrassed to say that I cried very real, very hot tears of sadness as we assessed the damage after the storm cleared out. It sucked, but here's the thing; I really need to work on letting go. 

As much as I hate it, I need all the practice that I can get when it comes to change & upheaval. When the fabric of my carefully constructed reality starts to come apart at the seams, I would rather practice with my destroyed garden and not during the big moments in life, you know?  

I loved my garden, but all of the in-ground plants will come back next year & some might even bounce back later this summer. We can replant some of our pots, easy peasy. We can replace our lights and cushions. We have a lot of clean-up to do and will need to cut back a lot of the dead plants and we still need to get our roof inspected. All in all, this has been a hard but important lesson in letting go, but all of this is a good reminder to hold everything I have with an open hand. I just hope it's at least a couple weeks before I'm treated to another lesson. 

Thanks for the lesson, hail. You icy son of a gun. Always a pleasure. 

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