Friday, March 2, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites #175

1. Good Advice-

2. February's Playlist-

3. New Music (Videos)-

4. Vicky Forever #realitybites-

Frankly, I've always been more of a Vicky than a Lelaina. #welcometothemaxipad 


5. Condsider This-

More Links to Love-

-The Kitchen re-opened & you have no idea how excited I am! I hope they still have cinnamon rolls! 
-I've never done drugs, but I'm pretty confident that this is what it's probably like. I'm paranoid enough all on my own. 
-I love this post! Allison is such an inspiration! 
-It is so nice to know this little family first hand! 
-This is my new favorite thing to watch on YouTube! Check out this one, this one, and this one
-A coloring sheet for all you murderinos out there! 
I've had my eye on this adorable little necklace for a while! 

Happy Friday, friends!

Friday, February 16, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites # 174

1. Consider This-

2. Aerie Swimwear on Real, Human Bodies-

It is so refreshing to see non-airbrushed photos being used to sell swimwear! Here are a few of my favorites for curvy girls! 

3. Bee Tights-

These are the bee's knees! Can't you just see Chuck from Pushing Daisies wearing a pair of these babies? 

4. Cliff Chiang's 12 Inch Remix-

5. New Music (Videos)-

More Links to Love-

-Make your own ruffle shoulder sweater
-John Mulaney is one of the funniest humans on Earth!
-I made these for some family this week and they were a hit! Give them a try! 
-For that bearded man in your life! 
-I had a pair of these in late high school/college and I found myself thinking about them this week. 

Happy Friday, Friends!

Friday, February 9, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites #173

1. Consider This-

This is your reminder for this week. Don't forget it. 

2. New Music (Videos)-

3. I Laughed so Hard at This-

See the entire comic here

4. This Pelican Sweater from Old Navy-

Spring is coming and this is the perfect light sweater for when the weather gets warmer but you still need knitwear to stay warm. 


5. The Alien-Like Art of Atsuko Sasaki

If you have Trypophobia, this art will make you intensely uncomfortable! However, you can't deny that it's amazing that someone could make such amazing pieces out of felt! 

More Links to Love-

-Are you kidding me? This cosplay transformation is amazing! 
-What the modern American family looks like-by the numbers
-How to create bright & sharp iphone photos. 
-I get to see this fabulous band in March and I couldn't be more excited to see them perform this song in person! 
-The bats that never get old. 
-More beautiful felt art
-If you're looking for some last minute DIY Valentine's Day decor, check this out! 
-Adult problems that nobody prepares you for. I can definitely identify with some of these
-Target sure has my number when it comes to t-shirts! #thankyouforbeingafriend 

Happy Friday, Friends!

Friday, February 2, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites #172

1.These Embroidered Heels-


2. New Music (Videos)-

3. Consider This-

4. January's Playlist-

5. This Weird & One-of-a-Kind Necklace-


More Links to Love-

-This is a great moment and I am glad that someone thought to film it. 
-Lily Tomlin is one of my all-time favorite human women. 
-Heartbreaking and informative. 
-I'm not a Valentine's Day person, but this is delightfully weird and gross. I'm in. 
-I've been binging this fabulous podcast since I first discovered it on Thursday! I love that their shorter so that I can listen to most of an episode in between classes. 
-I love these record valentines! Here is a valentine magic trick if that's more your speed! Hey, there's still time to do some crafting before the big day! 

Happy Friday, Friends!

Friday, January 26, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites # 171

1. Consider This-

Even if you're not a girl, it's just good advice. 

Drawn by Emily McDowell. Written by girlpoweryouareenough

2. This Sporty, High-Waisted Two-Piece-

I am well aware that it will be a good long while before this Colorado girl dons a swimsuit outside of a heated indoor pool, but will you look at this beauty! I just love that lace-up back!



3. New Music (Videos)-

4. The Art of Amy Earles-

5. Navy Blue Docs-

I've been daydreaming about thrifting a pair of Dr. Marten high top boots. Cross your fingers for me, won't you? 


More Like to Love-

-Rarely seen images of common things from the side. 
-Just like my mother....
-I went down a deep Prince music video rabbit hole earlier this week. I like this one & this one especially. Prince was such an odd weirdo. Music needs more odd weirdos right now. 
-These valentines are super adorable and retro! 
-When I'm thinner......
-How we walk with the broken speaks louder than how we sit with the great. 
-Why I don't have a capsule wardrobe

Happy Friday, Friends!

Friday, January 19, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites #170

1. This Dolly-Inspired Sweater-

I just love the  look of those fuzzy letters! I remember loving this Lily Tomlin & Dolly Parton classic when I was a kid! It might be time for another viewing! 


2. Matte Black Oxfords-

I thrifted a pair of black Old Navy Oxfords three years ago and they quickly became my favorite pair of shoes to wear with opaque tights and skirts. Unfortunately, I have worn a hole in one of them and that doesn't jive well with the Colorado winters. I am now on the lookout for a new pair to fill the oxford-shaped hole in my heart. While I would love to wait it out and see what I find at my local thrift shops, I might have to take matters into my own hands. 

Here are a few options that I've found on Poshmark! I just need to pull the trigger! 




3. New Music (Videos)-

4. Happy Birthday, Buffy Anne Summers-

Buffy Summers would have turned 37 today, January 19. Yes, I know. 

Nerd alert. 

I'm not even ashamed, ya'll. #buffyforever 

5. Today & Everyday-

We need to lift each other up, ladies! 


More Links to Love-

-I love this outlook. We need more love for our bodies and less punishment. I'm in. How about you? 
-Oh, for pete's sake! This is the cutest swimsuit in all the land! 
-What your favorite composer says about you! 
-You best believe I'll be buying this album when it comes out! 
-This is a fantastic article about Martin Luther King Jr. Teen Vogue, crushing it like usual! 
-If you live in Weld County and you've ever wondered about foster care, check this out. 
-I learned about this amazing project this week in my bilingual education classes. This is important. Check it out! 

Happy Friday, Friends!

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

2017 Goodreads Challenge

I started tracking the books that I read on Goodreads back in 2014 & it would not be overstating it to say that it has revolutionized the way I read! You can see my 2014, 2015, and 2016 (which I did not complete. Boo.) challenges if you are interested! If you are a reader & you're not already using Goodreads, this is a band wagon you're going to want to hop on! 

Here's how it works: Goodreads allows you to set a challenge for yourself for the year. You decide how many books you want to try to read and then work toward your challenge by adding the books you read to your list. You can also recommend books to friends, review what you read, take quizzes and even win books! I've consistently won 3+ books every year that I've used the app! That might not be your goal, but it sure doesn't hurt, ammaright? 

I set a goal for myself every January 1st for the number of books that I hope to read in that year. Every year I have met or surpassed my goal, except for 2016. The year we shall not speak of. 

2017 was a great reading year! I returned to university in August, and yet I still completed and surpassed my goal of 60 books by reading 61 books! I know that I'm going to have to work extra hard to keep up the pace this year, with a goal of 65 books, but I think I'm up to the challenge! 

In case you're looking for a few books to add to your own list, here are the my highlights from 2017:

March Books 1 & 2 by John Lewis- 

The Dark Tower Series (Books 1 & 2)-

Best Non-Fiction: The Devil's Highway by Luis Alberto Urrea-

Best Children's Literature: Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick-

Least Favorite of the Year-

I encourage you to start your own Goodreads challenge as 2018 begins! It's definitely not too late! Whether you use the app or just write your list in a notebook, it is good to keep track of what you're reading as the year progresses. What's on you list of to-reads this year? I would love to hear what you've got on the docket!

Friday, January 12, 2018

Favorite Friday Favorites #169

1. I Started my Second Semester This Week-

And this accurately represents my Monday morning feelings. And Tuesday through Friday feelings......

Yeah, I'm a damn delight every single day. 


2. Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events-

As a big fan of the Lemony Snicket book series of same name, I was really excited to see what Netflix did with A Series of Unfortunate Events!  After finishing it earlier this week, I can tell you that it's dark, hilarious, and captures the feeling of the books perfectly! 

If you haven't seen it yet, check it out this winter while the weather is gross and your couch is calling to you! I think you'll join me in hoping they produce a second season! 

3. New Music (Videos)- 

4. This Dino Crew Neck Slays Me-

Seriously. I'm extinct.....

I'll show myself out. 


5. It's Been Nine Years Since Mama Passed Away-

It's insane that something that happened just a year shy of a decade ago feels like it occured yesterday. I wrote this on the 6th anniversary of her passing and it's still relevant today. I will miss you until the very second we meet again. And then? 

Then we'll party. :) 

Ain't she a beaut? 

More Links to Love-

-This swimsuit is an absolute dream! 
-I would almost always rather be positive than negative. But sometimes you just need to sit with the negative without trying to dress it up. Side note: Roxanne Gay is a stone-cold badass. Period. 
-Cat faux thigh highs? Sign me up! 
-Please read this. And then read it again. 
-Not often does Twitter make you actually feel better about the world. This tweet will. #wolfarmy

Happy Friday, friends!
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