Friday, July 21, 2017

Favorite Friday Favorites # 159

1. This Flying Ford Anglina Brooch-


2. New Music (Videos)-

3. Consider This-


4. This T@G Teardrop Camper-

Isn't this just the cutest camper you ever did see? I think I could sleep really soundly in this baby! 


5. Kirsti Davidson's Illustrations-

More Links to Love-

-A great example of how to use celebrity for the greater good. 
-This might be the cutest bag I've seen in a while! 
-I love watching Julia Nunes' process
-A Thunderbird House print from Taryn Knight
-This is a tiny desk concert you're going to want to see! 
-How well do YOU know Gilmore Girls
-I definitely want to try this whipped peppermint scrub
-That certainly is a snazzy 'saurus! 

Happy Friday, Friends!

Monday, July 17, 2017

OOTD: Ren Fest 2017

Last weekend Rick & I went to the Colorado Renaissance Festival with our family & we had an absolute blast! I would love to be one of those people that dresses up in historical garb for every Ren Fest (I've done it a few times), but the truth is Renaissance folks wore a lot of layers & it is just too darn hot for this girl! 

I opted for a strapless thrifted Old Navy dress that I picked up two summers ago, my strappy walking sandals & a homemade flower crown. Not particularly authentic but so comfortable when the temp got up in the high 80s! 

DressThrifted, Old Navy $2.50
Flower CrownHandmade by yours truly, Free
SandalsBaretraps Temas, Shoe Carnival $29.99 (On Sale)
Watch- Fitbit Alta & Band, $99.00 & $12.99
Sunglasses- Biglots, $3.00
Elk Horn Feather Painted Earrings- Handmade by my aunt, Free
Nail Polish- OPI Gift of Gold, Target $5

Friday, July 14, 2017

Favorite Friday Favorites #158

1.  Consider This-

2. Running Fox Brooch-


3. New Music (Videos)-

4. This Pony Dress-


5. This Harry Potter Look Book is an Absolute Dream-

More Links to Love-

- Look at this amazing pocket museum! 
- 100 favorite graphic novels & comics! Even some web comics! 
-Unlikely animals friends are my FAVORITE! 
-Test your fake news judgement.
-They teleported something into orbit! 
-I don't normally click links like this, but this made me laugh so much! 
-How to dry your herbs

Happy Friday, Friends!

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Weekend Wrap-Up # 10

This past Friday, Rick & I headed down to Colorado Springs to see family & to go to the Colorado Renaissance Festival! We took last year off from visiting the fest & I feel like it made us extra excited to go this year! I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder!

After a great breakfast with Rick's mom & dad, we headed out bright & early on Saturday morning & headed into Larkspur where the festival is located. The Colorado Renaissance Festival is the largest stationary Ren Fest in the United States & it is truly an amazing event to attend! We got to see the hilarious Arsene of Paris (one of our favorites) & Celtic Legacy (a bag piping group). We also got to visit my favorite booth, Nature's Educators. Among other animals, Nature's Educators rescues wounded raptors. They then bring those raptors out to educate the public on birds of prey & conservation. It was so nice to spend the day with our family & especially our nieces & nephew!

On Sunday evening, I packed up my folding lawn chair & some bug spray & headed down to UNC for the first Concert Under the Stars of the season! It was a fantastic performance with the new Bluegrass Faculty. I'm definitely excited for the rest of the summer's line-up!



Juniper the Fairy

Meeting a "real" unicorn! 

Turkey Vulture
Burrowing Owl

Red-Tailed Hawk  

Barn Owl

Sleepy Hugo

Crazy Faces

The cutest baby owl in all the land!

Arsene of Paris  



Monday, July 10, 2017

Motivational Monday: Go Ahead, Just Wear the Shorts

Okay, here's the truth. 

I hate my legs. I absolutely hate them. 

I hate them so much that I don't often wear shorts & if I do, they have to be loose-fitting & a longer length to cover my thighs. 

A couple of months ago, an artist that I follow on Instagram posted this photo. What great shorts, right? As I admired her shorts, I was all at once surprised & disappointed at how accepting I was of this girl's body, but I could not extend that acceptance to myself. I openly, harshly & often judge & loathe half of the only body that I will ever have. 

That really sucks. 

In addition to working out & eating right, I've started to challenge myself on my body hang-ups. If I like something, I wear it. Now, I still try to take into consideration my body type & shape, but I'm sick of telling myself, "You can't wear that. Your legs are too fat" or "Just lose a few more pounds. Then you can wear that!" You can lose so much time thinking like that. In those moments, I have a few pep talks that I give myself when I'm feeling down. In the dark moments when that hissing little voice starts whispering lies in my mind, I now have the right ammunition against it. 

I try to tell myself: 

  • My lower body will always be bigger than my upper body. Always has been, always will be. Some people would kill for my curves! 

  • No matter how fit I am, nothing about the way I see myself will change unless I change the way I think. You can't love your self while hating your body. 

  • Everyone has cellulite. EVERYONE. Use some coffee body scrub. Or don't. It. Doesn't. Matter.

  • All body types are different & different isn't ugly or wrong. Your body is no exception. You wouldn't talk to your friends about their bodies in a negative way. Why do you think it's okay to talk to yourself that way? 


I picked these shorts up a couple of weeks ago at the ARC's Saturday 50% off sale. I've been looking for some great basic shorts to round out my wardrobe & these gave me all the "Nobody puts Baby in a corner" vibes. They're sturdy, high waisted & cuffed to just the right length. I hemmed & hawed over them in the dressing room, but ultimately pulled the trigger & threw them in the cart. I think I made the right decision! 

Denim Shorts (exactThrifted, Vintage Cenza by Palmetto's $2.50
Anne Taylor Loft Tank (exact) - Thrifted, $1
Navy Tennies (exact)-Thrifted, Vans $3.50
Octopus Necklace (exact)- Etsy $15.99
Watch- Fitbit Alta & Band, $99.00 & $12.99
Strap Hat- Vintage, Gifted Free
Sunglasses- Arc, $3.00

If you're struggling to love yourself, take heart. I'm right there with you. Let's make each other a promise, okay? Even if it's scary, take a step this week. Even if it's a baby step, please do it. Wear the dress that you love that's hiding in the back of your closet. Go to the thrift store & get yourself an adorable shirt that showcases your arms. Go ahead & wear the shorts. You know I'm going to!

Friday, July 7, 2017

Favorite Friday Favorites #157

1. This Overall Playsuit-


This is too adorable. AND they have it available in XXS up to size 4X! Don't worry, girls of all sizes. Modcloth has your back! Please take a look at the back of this dream! Those suspenders are killing me! 


2. New Music (Videos)-

3. This Couch is an Absolute Dream-

I know these colors wouldn't be for everyone, but they would definitely complete my home! 


4. This Woman is an Inspiration-

"But I'm not stopping this time. Somebody is out there waiting for me to finish because they need my help." 

May we all keep going, especially when all we want to do is quit. 

5. Consider This-


More Links to Love-

-This NPR Tiny Desk Concert is so fab! 

-These vintage Disney posters are AH-MAZING!
-What Baby-Sitters Club sitter are you? Take this quiz to find out! I'm Claudia! 
-This enamel pin is so awesome!
-This soft dino tutorial NEEDS to be made!
-I so want to be a jumpsuit girl & I think in this Old Navy version I could be.   
-Beautiful July wallpaper for your computer & phone! Why not? 
-For you traveling bookworms
-Oh, for pete's sake. This wallet is the cutest thing I've ever seen! 

Happy Friday, Friends!
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